Web MailForm - Info

EMail Forms on your website can be used to quickly collect information from potential clients. These forms usually take hours per form to create.

The Web MailForm greatly simplifies creation of EMail Forms. The task of collecting data from users who browse your site has never been easier.

  • A custom form is created in just a couple of minutes (remember, this usually takes hours).
  • The data is validated when a user fills out the form.
  • The user has the ability to upload files as attachments if you wish to collect them.
  • The data is then emailed to you.
  • The email can now appear to come from the user who filled in your form and a confirmation email can be sent to them. (Version 1.06+)
  • You can use multiple configuration files now. (Version 1.06+)

  • To see an example of the Web MailForm in action look at our Contact Us Mail Form.

    For more detailed information, READ ON

    The Web MailForm takes a configuration file and generates the resulting html form that will collect the specified data from the user, validate it and then e-mail the results to a specified e-mail account.  The resulting e-mail can be a simple text message that describes what was entered or it can be an HTML e-mail which allows the results to be displayed in a table and makes for easier reading.  The mail form is extremely customizable and allows the user to specify different foreground and background colors for each element displayed, if a text field is required and what must be in the text field if something is entered (this uses regular expressions to define the validity mask).  The label that is displayed for each item can be displayed on the left or right of the item.  Text or File Upload items can have Notes attached to them which allows the user to have a little more insight into what is being asked of them.  The Success Page allows for a customizable Thank You message (after the e-mail has been sent) and allows the administrator to specify the Return To Url to display for the user to follow.