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This site is dedicated to the Development and use of the Web MailForm as created by PC & Web Xperience, Inc.

We can be contacted at webmailform@pcxperience.com.

Latest News
08/25/01Version 1.11 is released!  This is a major upgrade that uses the HTMLObject to parse the incoming data from the form and to generate the overall HTML document.  The config file was also updated to require all name=value items to have the value in double quotes.  Ex. name="value"
08/01/01Version 1.10 is released!  Fixed the display issue with Radio Buttons when align="center" is used.  It now lines up properly with the rest of the centered content.
07/31/01Version 1.09 is released!  Select and Radio Button Form Items now set the Simple Email values if they are used for (name, fname, lname, email, subject or message).
06/15/01Version 1.08 is released!  This is a minor upgrade that fixes some display bugs.  The Select box now aligns correctly in relation to other fields.  <br>'s are no longer added to textarea contents when the form resubmits because a required field is invalid.
05/19/01Version 1.07 is released!  This is a minor upgrade that fixes some display bugs and enhances the parser to allow you to use name or fname and lname to gather the User's info for addressing the email.  Email sending code was cleaned up and consolidated into functions so that future maintenance is easier and the size of the cgi script is smaller (runs faster).  See change log for more details.
05/18/01Version 1.06 is released!  This is a major upgrade in apparent functionality in that the sent e-mails can now appear to come from the user who filled out your form and a confirmation email can be sent to them.  Minor bug fixes and parser enhancements were also made.  See change log for more details.
10/11/00Web Based Administration/Configuration program is under development and starting to take shape.  This will be based upon the HTML Document Object (see links), DBI, Storable Object and PostgreSQL.
07/27/00Version 1.04 is released.  Fixes Project name and version info information.  Also specifies in the embedded source that this is released under the GPL.
07/26/00Version 1.03 is released via SourceForge.

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